In the project we carried out for Poseidon Vintage, we provided social media management, social media advertising, and professional video and photo shooting services to highlight the brand’s vintage clothing products. This versatile approach aimed to increase the visibility and interaction of the brand on social media platforms.

Our Services

Strategy and Implementation

  • Social Media Management: We created creative content that emphasizes the brand’s aesthetics and the uniqueness of its products, tailored to Poseidon Vintage’s target audience. These contents were regularly shared on the brand’s social media channels, increasing follower engagement and loyalty.
  • Video and Photo Shoots: We conducted professional video and photo shoots that reflect Poseidon Vintage’s product collection and brand spirit. These visual contents added depth to social media content by highlighting the allure and quality of the products.

Social Media Advertisements

We have run effective social media advertising campaigns designed specifically for our target audience. These campaigns have encouraged potential customers to engage with the brand and have helped products reach a wider audience.