Video Production with Artificial Intelligence

At FUKO, we craft videos that narrate your brand's story not just through stock products and live footage, but also by leveraging artificial intelligence technologies. This integrated approach deepens our creative process in video productions, making our content more effective, dynamic, and personalized for the audience. AI adds unique value to our video production processes, enhancing both the visual and auditory elements to a higher level.

AI-based visual production tools enrich our design process by creating unique and striking visuals. Platforms like Dall-E and Midjourney assist in generating original visual aesthetics, strengthening the visual identity of projects, and conveying the brand message more compellingly.

These tools offer a wide range of styles and themes, providing customized visual solutions for each project. AI quickly adapts to the thematic requirements of the project, making each piece of content unique to its target audience.

AI analyzes the movements and transitions used in our animation processes to determine which parts are more effective on the audience and provides outputs that are most suitable to current consumer habits.

Music specially composed for projects can now also be created by AI algorithms. Tools like AIVA, an AI music composition tool, allow us to compose unique music pieces that fit the project's atmosphere, saving us the countless minutes previously spent searching through stock music archives for the perfect track.

AI-powered voiceover technologies can perform voiceovers in various languages and accents, helping our projects reach international audiences more accurately and impressively.

Effectively using AI tools requires a professional approach. At FUKO Creative, we analyze the unique needs of each project and apply AI tools accordingly to enhance our creative processes.

AI technology not only provides technical support to our projects but also pushes our creative processes further. At FUKO, our AI-enhanced video production services aim to create content that is not just watched but also impactful and memorable.

    The combination of AI and our professional animation skills enabled us to produce a unique and innovative promotional film animation for BEST Transformer. This project showcased how effectively AI can be integrated into creative productions to deliver exceptional and memorable results.