Our social media strategies for Luxuria Istanbul aimed to increase brand engagement and visibility on the Instagram platform through regular posts, stories, sponsored content, and Reels usage. This approach strengthened interaction with current followers while also allowing for the acquisition of new followers and increased sales.

Our Services

Social Media Strategies and Applications

  • Regular Posts and Stories: Regular posts and stories that tell the brand’s story and showcase its products have increased engagement with current followers and strengthened brand loyalty.
  • Effective Use of Reels: By utilizing Instagram’s Reels feature effectively, we were able to increase post reach to wider audiences and enhance brand visibility.

Digital Marketing

We produced dynamic content tailored to user segments and developed effective campaigns focused on e-commerce sales based on real-time monitoring of sales on Luxuria Istanbul’s e-commerce site. This strategic approach enabled us to increase sales by offering more personalized experiences to targeted user groups.

  • Luxuria Istanbul’s Instagram strategies have led to a significant increase in both current follower engagement and acquisition of new followers. This directly translates to new customer acquisition and an increase in sales.
  • Increasing the usage of Reels contributed to the brand reaching a wider audience and significantly increasing its visibility on social media platforms.