Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Details We are proud to be a part of the production process of the square projects’ promotional videos presented to public vote by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Client Terminal Film Tarih 2020 Our Services Animation Promotional Film Visual Production Process We prepared animations using the architectural outputs of the projects in promotional videos to allow […]


Details We developed special video series that provide detailed information on Doktar, which offers innovative agricultural technology solutions in the global arena. In this project, we successfully managed all production stages and strengthened Doktar’s presence in the digital world. Client Doktar Date 2023 – 2024 Our Services Video Production Creative Process We created visually impressive […]


Details Our agency created impressive video productions and promo films in collaboration with the leading art gallery Dirimart to promote the works of globally renowned artists represented by the gallery and their events. These visual expressions have strengthened Dirimart’s digital presence and significantly increased content engagement. Client Dirimart Date 2023 Our Services Video Production Promotional […]


Details We have prepared impressive promotional videos for the Demo Day 2022 and 2023 events where Koc University Entrepreneurship Research Center (KWorks) showcases innovative startup programs and successful entrepreneurs. In this project, we developed visual narratives that highlight the dynamism, innovative spirit, and projects of entrepreneurs in these events. Client Koç University Entrepreneurship Research Center […]

Tica Invest

Details As part of our collaboration with Tica Invest, we provided various digital content creation services such as website design, landing page creation, 360-degree photography, video production, and drone footage to highlight real estate investment opportunities. This versatile approach strengthened Tica Invest’s online presence and led to significant increases in website traffic and interaction rates. […]

Thymos Healthy Drinks Bar

Details We have prepared a promotional film by using various techniques to reflect the lively atmosphere of Thymos Healthy Drinks Bar. Client Thymos Healthy Drinks Bar Date 2023 Our Services Promotional Video Video Production The promotional video we created strongly reflected Thymos Healthy Drinks Bar’s brand identity and had a great impact on the target […]


Details To highlight the unique features and values B-Good offers to its users, we collaborated with Malumat VCI to produce special video footage. This project aimed to strengthen B-Good’s market position and increase brand awareness among potential customers. Clients Çapa Medikal Malumat VCI Date 2020 Our Services Promotional Film Video Production Process Creative Concept Development: […]

My Medikal

Details We collaborated with Malumat VCI to shoot a promotional video for MY Medikal, highlighting their innovative medical solutions and expertise in patient care. The goal was to visually showcase their outstanding services and products in the healthcare industry. Clients MY Medikal Malumat VCI Date 2021 Our Services Promotional Film Other Projects

Çapa Medikal

Detaişs We proudly present the promotional video of Çapa Medical. Clients Çapa Medikal & Malumat VCI Our Contribution Video Production Promotional Film Other Projects


Details We proudly present the Honnes Medical promotional video. Clients Honnes Medikal & Malumat VCI Our Services Video Production Promotional Film Other Projects