Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

Details We are proud to be a part of the production process of the square projects’ promotional videos presented to public vote by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Client Terminal Film Tarih 2020 Our Services Animation Promotional Film Visual Production Process We prepared animations using the architectural outputs of the projects in promotional videos to allow […]

BPN Payment & E-Money Services

Details Through our partnership with BPN, we aimed to reshape the brand’s digital communication language, giving it a fresh and captivating appeal through our social media management and performance marketing services. Positioning BPN as a standout brand among its competitors with our unique designs and innovative concepts, we expanded its reach to a wide B2B […]

Hepsiburada Business Partner

Details In this special project for Hepsiburada Business Partner, we shot a cinematic video series called “Success Talks” with the best-selling sellers in their categories in the marketplace. With rich visual storytelling techniques, our aim was to present the success stories and experiences of sellers in their own categories. Client Hepsiburada Date 2022 – 2024 […]


Details We redesigned all social media communication languages of AIFTeam, which is a SAP Business One Certified Partner, according to the brand’s target audience and product range. Within the scope of this project, we reshaped the brand’s message and social media accounts with a B2B sales-oriented approach. Thanks to personalized efforts for the target audience, […]

BEST Transformer

Details In the promotional film project we have carried out for Best Transformer, we have prepared an animation that presents the values and services of the brand in an impressive way by bringing together artificial intelligence technologies and expert animation skills. Client BEST Transformer Date 2024 Our Services Promotional Film Animation AI-supported content creation: While […]


Details We provided animation and post-production support for the documentary about the 2021 forest fires in Turkey, in collaboration with Esmiyor. Our goal was to enhance the message of the documentary and offer viewers an impactful visual experience. Client Esmiyor Date 2023 Our Services Animation Services Post Production Creative Process and Applications Animation Development: To […]


Details We have developed customized social media strategies for various brands operating under the PRODA umbrella. We have reshaped the communication languages according to the unique target audience and product range of each brand, and significantly increased access, interaction, and conversion rates to the direct target audience in B2B sales with special campaigns. Client PRODA […]

Podbee Media

Details Our agency collaborated with Podbee, one of Turkey’s largest podcast publishing platforms, to promote the content and sponsors of various industries on the platform with effective and sustainable concepts. The animations were designed to achieve the most effective results from different platforms. Videos showcasing excerpts from podcasts were created to connect the platform with […]

KU Kids

Details We have prepared an animated promotional video for the introduction of the book ‘Kuşlar Konmuş Kitabıma’ in the KU Children’s book series by Koç University Publications. The project aims to impressively present the book’s enchanting world and educational value to children and parents. Client Koç University Press Date 2020 Our Services Animation Other Projects